Antelope Leg Bone


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Antelope Leg Bone

With antelope having a fraction of the calories as beef, why not try an exotic treat that your pet is sure to love! Mosaic Exotic Dog Treats offers new and exciting bones for dogs who are tired of the same old thing! Made and sourced in the USA. Antelope leg bones are a healthy alternative for dogs affected by allergies to common protein sources. Bones from emu, antelope, and bison take the ordinary out of your dogs treats and replace it with extraordinary.

Our dehydrated, USA-sourced Antelope Leg Bones are a healthy alternative for dogs that are affected by food allergies. Our body parts are sourced from trusted USDA certified farms that responsibly raise the antelope.


  • the Antelope are grass fed
  • free of growth hormones
  • free of antibiotics
  • reduce plaque
  • hypoallergenic
  • made in the USA


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